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80/20 Rule!

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

Focus on the sustainable business which makes up 80 percent of your focus and time. Then go 110 miles an hour when engaged with the business. Money is not the focus, it just so happens it is a bi-product of what I love and enjoy doing! I love the process of helping people through what we do and are about at the clinic.

Most people are wired for multiple things but when they ignore the other 20 percent of their ideas, passions, hobbies, whatever, the 80 percent business burns them out. When engaged with the 20 percent, again, go 110 miles an hour.

For me, this is the order, AFTER Faith and Family comes Future. So please understand the category I am speaking about! Your Future, My Future, the 80/20 relationship applies.

I go 110 miles an hour when I am in the clinic and the clinic is my 80 percent. It is what makes all the amazing things possible AND fuels the other 20 percent so go with me on this.

Country Doctor Herbals-There is a team in place who go 110 miles an hours because it is their 80 percent, got it!

Practice BluePrint-Super fun for me, is growing and having Impact!!!

Small Business Development in the Community-Helping where I can with other businesses to be successful.

Total Wellness Radio-Allows me to showcase others in the healing arts AND spotlight amazing people like Amanda last week!

So after 20 years in clinical practice, I LOVE what i do now more than ever BECAUSE I did not ignore the 20 Percent, make sense!!!!

Please comment and have an amazing day:):):)

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Practice BluePrint
Practice BluePrint
Nov 09, 2021

Always remember, learning is not earning. Doing is earning!!!

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