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🔥 The Ultimate Definition of the POWER of Perspective🏋️

30 Seconds is either an eternity or a blink of an eye.

👉🏻 When I am in the gym planking. . .

An Eternity!

👉🏻 Holding my wife‘a hand. . . Blink of an 👁

As you go through your day be aware of when you think time is dragging. Chances are you are engaged in something you may not enjoy or really don’t feel like doing.

REMEMBER: It’s the same 30 seconds, Perspective makes it long or short:)

Have a Great Friday:) and as an added hint.

Changing perspective means doing things on your to do list you don’t like to do first. So do your planks first thing then you have the enjoyable things to look forward to ;)

Janet Marlega-Young
Reesa at NK Wellness


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