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😢 Education is what your Up Against!

Or, I should say, lack there of. You see if you're 20 years old and enroll in a bachelors degree course at a university, the average will complete that course in 45 months. 45 months of invested time for a bachelors degree which, as many folks know in today's workplace, won't really take you very far.

Now think about it this way of all those people who invested 45 months to get a bachelor's degree, most have invested less than 10 minutes learning about their health.

You might think I'm trying to be funny, but just ask them. Ask every person you know family friends, and clients, how much actual time they have invested in learning about their health.

I plan on doing a video survey on this topic and putting it in the app later this year :-)

Reesa at NK Wellness
Patricia Forbes
Sep 23, 2022

So true. Popping popcorn style. 😂



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