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Bowel Cleanse Deep Dive Live Q&A

Dr. Skye Davis and Dr. Dan Young.

Join us on Zoom TONIGHT at 9 pm central. Bring all your questions!

Join us for a deep dive into bowel cleansing.

Zoom link:

We are joined by Naturopath Dan Young from Country Doctor Herbals. Please bring all your questions.

Benefits of Colon Cleansing:

Increases energy

Kickstarts weight loss

Improves concentration

Maintains regularity and prevents constipation

Reduces bloating

Supports optimal digestion

Lessons brain fog

Improves sleep patterns

Relieves gas and cramps

This is a free class offered online TONIGHT at 9 pm central on Zoom.

To join the class online please click here:

Join us for a deep dive into bowel cleansing. This is a safe space to talk about digestion and bowel elimination.

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Skye Davis
Rachael Wetzel
Reesa at NK Wellness
Jan 09, 2023

Will there be a access to this for us who missed it?



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