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👉🏻 Shadow Days Set the Tone!!!

Thank you so much for the opportunity to shadow you for the day to learn more about nutritional kinesiology and how a wellness clinic operates.

The first thing I noticed was the healing atmosphere. The staff was very friendly, authentic, and seemed to be genuinely interested in their work and helping others I gained an overall understanding of nutritional kinesiology by observing a variety of client exams. The informative resources available to clients to take home were excellent and practical. I was impressed by all of the other modalities available like light therapy, sound therapy and the use of HRV to determine the state of the autonomic nervous system.

After spending the day at the clinic, I not only have a renewed sense of excitement and motivation to upgrade my own state of health but I look forward to exploring the mentorship program to be able to help my family members and friends with their health goals.

Thanks again,

Michelle Turner

Tammy Notch


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