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Welcome to the most recent addition of Total Wellness Radio! E400💥

Pierre Andre is an Energy Tester, and Educator. Pierre helps clients identify and correct energetic imbalances in the body using Scalar Energy Technology and education on diet and supplementation.

Energy Testing is a method of using the human body as a biofeedback device to tap into and read information stored in the Universal Field of Information otherwise known as the Quantum Field. Similar practices include Kinesiology, Quantum Reflex Analysis and Radionics.

Pierre came to this work about 13 years ago through a journey to heal his own major health issues. When the Western Medical System did not provide answers or solutions, he found research that showed diet and lifestyle changes could heal his issues. He made the recommended changes, but was still having certain issues. The missing piece was an understanding that stuck negative emotions have to be addressed alongside diet and lifestyle changes.

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