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💥 Great NEW Venue!!!!

This May we will be presenting the Kinesiology Certification w/ Country Doctor Herbals!

What an inspired weekend filled with over the top learning experiences from Dr. Dan, Tammy and Jake!

A few highlights are:

👉🏻 Orgins of Kinesiology

👉🏻 Testability if the Client

👉🏻 Systemic Support Categories

👉🏻 Protocol Selection

👉🏻 Full Body Evaluation

👉🏻 Effective Wrap Up

👉🏻 Refined and Expanded Manual

👉🏻 NEW Test Kits for 8 Support Categories and so MUCH MORE!

Be sure and reserve your seat for this Amazing Weekend!!!

16 may 2023

Excited for the NK class this week! Can we please get a copy of the agenda and new venue address? Thanks so much! Can't wait to see everybody:-)

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