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✨ January Replay 🎊

In this months Roundtable Discussion with Dr. Dan we visit the following conversation Points:

👉🏻 Acknowledgment of the Top 10 Wholesale Practitioners from December!!!

Share the list and their locations!

Skye Davis - Wisconsin

Tammy Notch - Cheyenne, WY.

Molly Childers - Colorado

Cassidy Nixon - Beliz/Nebraska

April Martinez - Wyoming

Wanda Fieldcamp - Wyoming

Amy Todd - Michigan

Danielle Pearson - Iowa

Ed Gifford - Wyoming

Brenda Morgan - Wyoming

👉🏻 Passion With Purpose!!!

Personal story-Technical aspects-clinical application.

👉🏻 Understanding Momentum in Early Start Up Businesses!!!

Bring Amy Todd into the discussion on this if possible.

👉🏻 Bob Burdekin Video Series!

Let Bob give overview of this as an additional resource.

👉🏻 Amy Todd Shadow Day Recap!

Her perspective on her recent shadow day.

👉🏻 Celiac Sprue case with Dr. Dan!

Bring her file on screen with me.

You can copy the recording information below and share with others

Passcode: X4cfdL$@

Patricia Forbes
Dr. Dan Young, ND
Dr. Dan Young, ND
Jan 28, 2023

Todays January Zoom meeting kicks off a great start to a promising New Year!



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