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✨ The Rule of 100 🤔

When I first explored this idea, I found myself intrigued because it really made sense to me.

Probably because I understand the importance of consistency over perfection. Let's face it, there is little to nothing any of us do perfectly so let's just accept that.

However, consistency is within our control to engage in. So on to the rule of 100.

This Rule states anything you practice 100 hours per year will put you in the top 5 percent in the world for proficiency. 100 hours equals 18 minutes per day! Wow, just think about the impact 18 minutes a day, everyday, can have on your personal and business life.

18 Minutes of:

👉🏻 prayer daily!

👉🏻 reading daily!

👉🏻 exercise daily!

👉🏻 Developing Communication Skills

👉🏻 Testing someone w/ Kinesiology

👉🏻 Reading The Clinical Reference Guide . . . .

👉🏻 Studying New Wave Therapy videos and on and on and on . . .

Etc. there is not one single person I have ever met who is a high achiever in important areas of their life who doesn't practice this type of discipline.

Weed out the distracted, wasted time activities and recoup the time already being wasted.

So how to start.

Pick one area and commit 18 minutes per day and watch your life be transformed.

Cassidy Nixon
Patricia Forbes
Reesa at NK Wellness
Practice BluePrint
Practice BluePrint
Oct 30, 2023

Yes they do. Practice locks in memory like a hard drive. Creates the most duplicatable results possible:)



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