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🎉 Most Needed Message from Practitioner to Client!

For many practitioners, navigating the relationship dynamics between client and program vs practitioner to client is a tedious one. Today in with a client I had to remind them of the following so I felt it a good idea to repeat here for others.

Here is a piece of the conversation:

”In positioning you to thrive, I am responsible for providing proven resources. Your responsibility is to put forth effort on those resources, then, we get to come together and evaluate how you did and how you responded to your program. Then we are in a position to refine where needed.

The refinement needed in this case was a gentle reminder of where she has come from in 7 short weeks, (not even a full healing cycle). Sometimes clients lose patience with themselves and try to (almost) take it out on the practitioner. This is why knowing and using the right, consistent communication patterns with clients is soooooo valuable.

Happy Tuesday Everyone!!!!!

Carrie Brown, ND


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