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💫 Monthly Zoom Roundtable w/ Dr.Dan!

🎉 WOW! Spring is Springin 💐!!!

What an Amazing Time of Year for Our Businesses!!

Welcome to this month’s Roundtable w/ Dr. Dan:

👉🏻 April 28th 2pm MST!

👉🏻  Acknowledgments of Top Ten Wholesale Accounts!

👉🏻  Lab Discussion w/ Tammy and Lynda!

👉🏻  Case Review and Progress from last Month!

👉🏻  Update from Cheryl Meyer - Feels Good to Feel Good Magazine!

👉🏻  Update from Bob Burdekin - New Wave Therapy!

👉🏻  Upcoming May 19,20 and 21 Kinesiology Certification WITH Country Doctor Herbals in                  Cheyenne!

👉🏻  August 18,19 and 20 - Practitioners Weekend - Put your Practice in ORDER

👉🏻  ANMA Conference - Las Vegas - August 25th, 26th and 27th.

👉🏻  October 20,21 and 22 - Kinesiology Certification WITH Country Doctor Herbals

💫 NEWLY Refined 8 Category Support Kit -  Flow and Discussion!!!

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Meeting ID: 875 950 7012

Passcode: Axs2BjQ


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