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❤️‍🩹 Challenging Cases Tip #11

One of the most challenging cases to correct is the Tinnitus case. You know, the client that always has a ringing in the ears, mild to severe. It is mildly to majorly distracting to them.

There are a few key things to rule out on this type of case, two for sure. Number one, find out if they have been subjected to loud noises, machinery or gunfire. The next, find out if as a child, they ever suffered from recurrent ear infections or did they have any trauma relating to the ears.

If your client has neither of these in their history, then the issue becomes one of the right endocrine support and patience.

Find out if they have any conditions of the heart they are aware of. Pay close attention to thyroid as well. And the following protocol must be considered for a minimum of six months to one year.

  1. Cardiovascular Support

  2. Thyroid Support

  3. HP B&B as Directed.

  4. Whole Body Purification

  5. Foundational Programs

I would not do all of these at the same time but for the first 60 days, cardiovascular and other endocrine system support nutrients must be applied. Within the first six months foundational and body purification as an adjunct to your primary support protocol.

Always remember, under the challenging Tips section, we are making an assumption you’re not using NK as your evaluation tool and are just putting together a workable protocol for your client.

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