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❤️‍🩹 Challenging Cases Tip #15 “Multiple Immune Challenges”

Many times over the years we have come across this challenge with clients. Upon close analysis, we find the client is dealing with more than one immune challenge. They may have a weakness in the immune system for viral activity along with parasite! It may be bacterial and fungal at the same time. These can be some of the most challenging and stubborn cases to help the client recover from.

The following information is designed to help you navigate this in a very low stress, confident manner and at the same time positioning your client to thrive :-)

  1. You must address multiple immune challenges if they show up in the initial analysis.

  2. You have to design the nutritional therapy to meet the needs of the weekend immune system.

  3. You may find a product like HP Virex and HP Multibac must be used at the same time. Along with adequate drainage remedies like Resp Free, BioFlora or even ICF #1.

  4. Do not be surprised if the need for immune boosting support is low while drainage support is much higher.

  5. These types of cases also require a bit more hands-on monitoring than your normal, low intensity type cases.

As always, you as a Practitioner, are most welcome to reach out to myself and the other practitioners here at Country Doctor Nutritional Center for more specific guidance and direction with an individual case you may be challenged with.

Janet Marlega-Young
Reesa at NK Wellness
2022년 7월 04일

Thank you for investing in all of us! Always appreciative of you and your team!



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