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❤️‍🩹 Challenging Cases Tip #13 “Mastering EDE”

This is actually, in my experience, one of the biggest challenges faced by every practitioner regardless of their modality, location, service etc. This is regarding workable, sustainable and results driven approaches to doing an evaluation.

In my office we practice a communication style and delivery which, at least for us, has positioned several hundred people to remain ongoing clients, over 250 for 10+ years. This being said, providing a structured yet flexible approach to your client evaluations and visits is one of the biggest keys to avoiding a miscommunication challenge.

So the first thing we focus on is EVALUATE. Our evaluation flow asks and explores 10 different areas, each visit, with every client. We do this because we know the improvement and changes in lifestyle over time are driven by developing new habits. Clients must get into the HABIT of asking themselves these questions when your not around to remind them.

We use Nutritional Kinesiology to evaluate their current status, DETERMINE any adjustments or course corrections they need to take in order to achieve optimum results, and then we EDUCATE the client on to how to best use these resources in the future. So whether your visits are 15 minutes or 50 minutes, remember the client is not paying you for time they are paying you for your expertise.

When you can deliver your expertise in a very structured yet flexible manner and it’s in a duplicatable fashion, meaning any client dealing with anything can come see you, now you are perpetuating the best sustainable model for your business.

“Always remember, under the challenging Tips section, we are making an assumption you’re not using NK as your evaluation tool and are just putting together a workable protocol for your client.”

Reesa at NK Wellness


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