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So I have a weird question :) When you are going about getting professional accounts with supplement companies… what are the best questions to ask? How do you know it’s a good supplier? And what are your recommendations? How do you know they are good quality? Also do some supplements contain petroleum?

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Dr. Dan Young, ND
Dr. Dan Young, ND
Mar 08, 2022

Great question really, not weird to me as it says you want to be thoughtful to the products you provide clients. I like using products that have a track record for clinical success so ask them what offices use and for how long their product line? As far as a good supplier, for me what matters is credibility, how long have they been around. Look up reviews or ask for references is another great way to screen the company. Try to stay with whole food concentrates, herbals, that type of thing. The petroleum issue may exist in the manufacturing arena. I can tell you for me, most product lines you in natural grocers wouldn’t even by used in our office. Also, pricing matters. Good quality and a fair price is a consideration. If each supplement is 60 or 80 bucks a bottle, it doesn’t matter how good, consumer can’t maintain that in most cases.



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