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❤️‍🩹Challenging Cases Tip #17

A BIG Problem Faced by Most Practitioners!!!

I will bet a large amount of money you as a practitioner watching this video have never been taught the importance behind having clients complete and return to you for evaluation weekly food logs.

This, in my experience, is one of the most empowering resources you can ever use with your clients.

Allow me to explain why.

✅ Peoples Perception About Food

✅ Explain in detail HOW we use this resource so the client sees the value and importance.

✅ We care more about what’s missing then what is there!!!

As soon as you make it a consistent method of operation to educate your clients on this resource, I promise you it will make major changes in the health relationship your client develops with their program and subsequently the new habits they’re going to build and use for years to come.

Also, you as a practitioner, especially if you’re new should be doing food logs so you can share them with your clients and they can see you are also paying attention to the resources you’re providing them.

In other words, are you eating your own dog food :-) (Following your own advise)

Reesa at NK Wellness
Patricia Forbes


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