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I have several clients struggling with thyroid complications - hypo & hyperthyroidism hashimotos and some form of food restrictive disease - in direct relation to uncontrollable menstural cycles, low energy, and edema within the legs. The prescribed thyroid medications by their Drs seem to be helping in a few ways - great energy, reducing the edema issues, and reduced body/thyroid swelling.

However, on the flip side they are struggling with extremely heavy periods (not present before the medication - occurring several times a month) often seems to be causing uterine fibroids, moodinesses, bouts of anger/depression, and lack of motivation to name a few.

can the protocols for thyroid issues be utilized without the need for synthetic hormone replacement - Thyroid medications?



Reesa at NK Wellness
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Dr. Dan Young, ND
Dr. Dan Young, ND
Mar 05, 2022

Excellent questions, there are several. The evaluation approach we use gives you the priority stressors to handle first. Based on what you have described, here are key stress reducing activities. 1. Identify food avoidance items and use food logs to monitor compliance. Min. 90 days. 2. Need enzymes, either Super Enzymes/S-Zymes or both. 1/2 every meal. 3. Bowel and Liver Cleansing protocols, back to back. May need to do more than one, so prep the client. 4. HP Endocrine along with either HP Female/Female Balance. May need HP Wild Yam for nightsweat or hot flashes cases. 5. Check for immune system and environmental stressors as well. Here is a key, don’t do too much too soon, overwhelm the client and they quit. Address in layers, let the client know it takes 3/6 months to get stable. 1/3 years to get well, not that they won’t feel improvement faster, they will. It just takes that long to get their habits adjusted enough so they stop creating the illness they are struggling with. Happy Saturday:):):)



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