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❤️‍🩹Challenging Cases Tip #12

ICV Reset: Part of resolving cases successfully with people is starting your evaluation with the best resources to identify the highest possible cause. One of those resources is asking the right questions. Ask your client if they have any of the symptoms mentioned in this cheat sheet to help guide you.

The problem most people have in this country stems from their gut health as we all know, ileocecal valve interference is one of the most common yet overlooked concerns a client might have. Recently a colleague released what he calls the “ICV cheat sheet. This gives you some very quick reference evaluation tools to look at and resources from a nutritional perspective to clear this problem.

I would submit to you more clients than realized are dealing with this issue and this should be part of your normal evaluation flow on a regular basis with clients.

FYI: The chart uses Medi herb and Standard Process. Below are CDH product references and protocols you can use to reset the ICV condition.

Country Doctor Herbals for ICV Reset Support:

S-Zymes 1 each meal-2 at bedtime

HP Yeast Redux 1 by 3

BioFlora 1 by 3

HP SHA 1 by 3 (when Allergy Point is Involved)

HP Paractive 1 by 3 (when Parasite Activity is Suspected)

ICF#1 As Directed during chronic constipation issues

HP HV-MET 2 daily in Apple Juice (for toxicity relief)

Jeannisa Bowden
Reesa at NK Wellness


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